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Strategic Marketing International is an import / export company currently dealing in consumer goods. We help manufacturers bring the most innovative, highest quality, and value priced products to the consumer markets of the World. SMI is conveniently located in the San Francisco Bay Area to facilitate trade with Pacific Rim countries.

International Trade

What people don't know about trade and why they need to know

By Trade Forum editorial team
© International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2006

The public may know that international trade affects their daily lives. But people have a sense of unease. They don’t know exactly how global commerce can enrich everyone or what to do when it doesn’t. Only when people understand the power of trade, for themselves and for others, will public support swing towards a pro-trade agenda.

In everyday conversations, people express their worries about unemployment and inequality, about the brain drain and immigration, about civil conflict or environmental damage. What many people don’t know is that international trade can be part of the solution. Trade can create jobs and industries for poor or marginalized communities.

In India, for example, there was a fear that liberalization in telecommunications would bring a reduction in services, particularly in poor rural areas with few big-spending customers (international and long-distance national callers and business clients). To the surprise of many, liberalization actually improved telecoms access in rural areas and lowered rates drastically by introducing competition. The improved services helped with education and community development. Infrastructure development by new companies resulted in new industries for business process outsourcing, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

In recent years, in development circles, international trade has been accepted as a way to reduce poverty. Yet we have not reached a critical mass of well-informed citizens who understand the link. A minority understands the ins and outs of trade policies. Fewer still understand how trade development works within countries, starting with the ability to produce goods and services that will interest consumers around the world.
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We are transferring to a new web host!
03/12/22 - Pacifica, CA
We are currently in the process of transferring and to a new hosting company. There may be some interruption in viewing the sites as well as email functioning. Please be patient while we make the transition. back up and running!
03/21/15 - Pacifica, CA
The SMI website was unavoidably shut down for two months. The company that hosted our website has apparently abandoned their servers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We would like to thank the folks at for their outstanding customer service and quick response in helping us to resolve this unacceptable situation.

SMI Launches
04/22/11 - Pacifica, CA
SMI launches - a new full CSS web site. is the home of our line of mini FM radio receivers used in the Simultaneous Language Interpretations Services industry.

SMI Launches New Web Site
11/18/10 - Pacifica, CA
SMI launches new full CSS web site. The new site complies with latest WC3 standards and will run faster; jump higher; and perform better!

SMI Introduces New Product Line
12/01/09 - Pacifica, CA
SMI begins wholesale sales of new line of mini FM radio receivers. The new line, model FMS-1, is used at international conference venues that require simultaneous language interpretation services.
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