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Company Services

Custom Logo Products and Packaging

We can provide custom logo printing and packaging services for our line of digital FM receivers. These services are provided at the factory during the production run using your custom logo artwork.

World Wide Shipping

We can ship your order from the factory in China to any destination in the world that you choose. We use only the most reliable and experienced logistics companies in all of Asia.

News headlines back up and running!
03/21/15 - Pacifica, CA
The SMI website was unavoidably shut down for two months. The company that hosted our website has apparently abandoned their servers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We would like to thank the folks at for their outstanding customer service and quick response in helping us to resolve this unacceptable situation.

SMI Launches
04/22/11 - Pacifica, CA
SMI launches - a new full CSS web site. is the home of our line of mini FM radio receivers used in the Simultaneous Language Interpretations Services industry.

SMI Launches New Web Site
11/18/10 - Pacifica, CA
SMI launches new full CSS web site. The new site complies with latest WC3 standards and will run faster; jump higher; and perform better!

SMI Introduces New Product Line
12/01/09 - Pacifica, CA
SMI begins wholesale sales of new line of mini FM radio receivers. The new line, model FMS-1, is used at international conference venues that require simultaneous language interpretation services.
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